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Built in 1883, this home has always been an architectural landmark of Colima. Its imposing structure with columns, arches and high ceilings served a dual purpose in its time. The first, functional, allowing good visibility and better ventilation during warm days and the second social, given the high status of its owner, the building reflected his wealth and political power.


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In the garden, the original pool built in 1906 was located almost on the edge of the River Colima where running water was pumped. This advanced system for its time had a special filter to remove sand from the river.

The historic character of the property also has some fascinating anecdotes. In the central patio lies a unique citrus tree in Colima. During a courtesy visit of the Chinese Ambassador to Mexico in the nineteenth century, he gave the governor Gildardo Gómez a small chinese tangerine tree. This centenary tree is now 4 feet high, and offers fruit throughout the whole year.

During the twentieth century

Until 2009, the house belonged to the descendants of Don Gildardo Gómez. Over time, a property of such dimensions becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and the family divided the property into different apartments for rent them until the late 90´s. The quality of the construction of the Property has passed numerous tests, surviving intense earthquakes that shaked the city through the twentieth century.

Finally the house of Don Gildardo Gómez received recognition in 1994 as cultural heritage by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). From that date, all subsequent improvements are bound by strict rules of preservation of the built heritage.

A new life

When the house was bought from the descendants of the Governor, the new owners made a commitment to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of this area. Despite the change from residential to commercial, nature and spirit of the house has been preserved and even brought back to its first splendor.

Governor Gildardo Gómez Campero story

As its name suggests, the Hacienda del Gobernador was the residence of Gildardo Gómez Campero, Governor of Colima from 1887 to 1893. Born in Ciudad Guzman in the State of Jalisco (45 minutes away from Colima), Gildardo Gómez was orphaned from the age of nine years and moved to Colima to live with his relatives. He began his career working in a print shop, he soon became interested in journalism and founded two newspapers in the 1870´s. His professionalism soon led him to political functions. From 1880 he worked on difrent areas as Vital Records Judge, First Officer with Governor Francisco Santa Cruz, Federal Senator and president of the Standing Committee of the Senate. Gildardo Gomez got elected Governor of Colima on November 10, 1887 and reelected on November 10, 1891, his second mandate was abruptly interrupted on November 29, 1893, when he submitted his resignation to President Porfirio Diaz. President Diaz offered him the position of Consul of Mexico in Spain, however, Gomez decided to stay in Mexico and work until his death in 1907 in the state of Guanajuato.

His greatest achievements coincide with the vision of his era, attached to the principles of the Porfiriato, he invested in public infrastructure, road construction, and development of the railway system in the state. The historic center of the city of Colima owes its kiosk in the "Jardin Libertad" to him, who imported it from London, England during his mandate.