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About Colima

About Colima

Founded in 1525 the name of Colima, Acolman comes from Nahuatl, meaning "place where the water twists" or "where does the river bend."

The territory of Colima, of which nearly three quarters of surface is covered by mountains and hills, falls within a derivation of the Sierra Madre del Sur, which consists of four mountain ranges.

What to do in Colima?

Despite being a small entity, Colima offers countless attractions such as museums, galleries, parks (all public parks offer free wireless internet), restaurants and a thriving cultural movement due to the active University of Colima. Attractions include the neochlassical cathedral; the Government Palace, the magnificent murals by local artist Jorge Chávez Carrillo, illustrating historical themes relating to the Conquest, Colonization and Independence periods. Other cultural and architectural landmarks that stand out are: Hidalgo Theatre, built in the nineteenth century; the Temple of San Francisco's Pilin, founded in 1554; Casa de la Cultura, with an incredible library, exhibition hall, auditorium and workshops in various artistic activities, University´s Art Gallery, Fernando del Paso Museum, Graphic Arts Museum, the Cathedral and the Temple of San José among many others.

Colima is a hidden gem of Mexico. The city with the best quality of life in the country where there is always a warm and pleasant weather and a unique and addictive cuisine. The city infrastructure allows to quick and pleasantly move from one point to another as well as its simple and beautiful airport make a visit to Colima a great experience from your arrival.

The capital of our state offers archaeological sites within the city and in the suburbs, old farms and sports activities for all tastes, from climbing in the snow of the volcanoes hights to kayaking or biking. Always with incredible scenery background from anywhere in the city thanks to the volcanoes of Colima and the Manantlán Sierra (Biosphere Reserve) that surround the city.

Visit the nearby towns of Comala (Pueblo Magico), Suchitlan, Nogueras, Cuauhtemoc, San Francisco Almoloyan, the archaeological sites of La Campana and El Chanal or simply stroll through the historic streets to discover the beauty of Colima and test different fruits, drinks and local dishes.